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Little Light

Unique Design Juacard Floor Mat Rugs

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Let's introduce Jacquard Rug, who will be the cutest in the family. It can be washed, so it is easy to manage.

1. You can feel safe by using a bacterial reproduction suppressor yarn.
2. It has a soft touch and quick drying function that dries quickly even when it's wet (water absorbs quickly and dries quickly)
3. The outer side has a biased finish and the back side has a non-slip finish.
4. It has UV protection, so it is not discolored easily.
5. KC safety inspection and hazardous ingredient inspection passed. so you can leave it in the children's room or bedroom.
Size: Lobster 60×41×1 cm,
Bunny 60×40×1 cm,
Teddy 61×40×1 cm,
Matthew (He's a garden manager) 66×35×1 cm
Material: 100% polyester

It was made in Korea in a jacquard method. (KC passed safety quality inspection, passed hazardous ingredient inspection)