About us


Even dreaming travel can make your daily routine life different.
Your journey starts when you search the luggage and travel items while scheduling itinerary.

We, LUCKY PLANET are by your side through the journey with heart throbbing moments . 


Lucy, who enjoys packing suitcases and exploring the world the most founded LUCKY STAR, the former brand of LUCKY PLANET in 2005 after leaving the job position, the editor of a Fashion Magazine. 
To replace the dull grey and black suitcases dominant in the market, LUCKY STAR opened new category of colorful and stylish travel bags which could fit chic airport style. 
LUCKY PLANET, renewed brand name launched in 2013, is a design driven travel goods brand that produces quality products with a fine regards for detail, which cover small items such as luggage reform stickers, passport case and luggage cover etc. as well as luggage and travel bags. 


2005 Established Company named Lucky Enterprise.

2007 Changed the company name, Lucky Factory 

2008 Highly Ranked in the online shopping malls with Stylish 
and colorful luggages. 

2008 Marine Luggage Sold out in CJ Cable TV homeshopping 

2009 Opened the showroom in Dongdaemoon 

2009 Invited in Las vegas Magic show sponsored by Seoul Fashion Association 

2011 Opened the showroom in Namdaemoon 

2011 Made a license contract with Sarnio for Hello Kitty 

2013 Main Brandname renewed as Lucky Planet and registered it  in USA, California 

2013 Made a license contract with Warner Bros. 

2015 Made a license contract with Jewel Branding for New York Botanica Garden and many Artists 

2016 Opened 5 Department stores in Seoul, Daegu, Pusan etc in Korea. 

2017 Made a license contract with BANDAI NAMCO for Pacman 

2018 Changed the company name, RISE AND SHINE 

2018 Opened overseas branch in LA California USA