Little Light

All Items in Little Light directly come from Korea. With unique fashion items, curated by a former fashion magazine editor in Korea, who majored in Fashion Design, you can always check hot K-fashion trends in here. Items are daily updated.

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    Just daydreaming about traveling can make your daily life routine less mundane. You can get our unique, beautiful, and strong luggage here with LUCKY PLANET, a design driven travel goods brand based in Seoul and in California.

  • 1537

    Korean company best known for their colorful and often hilarious illustrations. Under the brand, 1537, they produced a wide range of funky stationery and lifestyle goods featuring their distinctive characters design.

  • Overfit Smile Cardigan - Luckyplanetusa

    Holy Number 7

    Holy Number 7 is a brand that is witty, but not light, with fun and ecstatic designs. They play with color in extravagant methods attracting both men and women. One of the most beloved fashion brands by K pop stars such as Exo, Girl's Generation, etc.